how to join the modded server?

1. Get the mods.

Hello, in order to join this server. You will need some mods!

Please install this link here direct download

2. Browse to the local game files.

To install the mods please follow these simple steps!

go to steam and search up 7 days.

Open the file location of the game

3. Put the mods in the mods folder.

Paste the mods in! Done!

4. Starting the game.

click the play button

something like this should popup

startup with “show game launcher”

5. game launcher screen.

this will popup.

make sure to uncheck “Use EasyAntiCheat (EAC)”

to save this configuration click on Run & Save as default.

6. Join a game.

on the main screen click on join a game

7. Connect to our server.

search in the search box “fluxion”

it should look like this as in the picture.

highlight/select the server and then hit connect in the right corner

something like this should popup

8. Getting access to the 7 days server

now go to our discord server and make a ticket to get he password

also make sure to include your steam profile url in the ticket.

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